Designed for Optimum Performance
Guaranteed for Life

Princess Birth Pool

Optimum water depth combined with a compact design for smaller spaces.

Venus I & II Birth Pools

The perfect combination of function and design in a mid-size package.

Active I & II Birth Pools

The pinacle of birth pool ergonomic
design and safety. Choose from
three premium models.

Metric and CAD files available upon request

The only birth pools designed with practitioners in-mind.

Evidence-based Ergonomic design provides ample knee space to reduce low-back strain and increase reach into the pool.

Less time spent monitoring water temperature with 7X greater water heat retention over acrylic pools.

Superior strength and durability with a density 5X greater than acrylic or fiberglass pools.

Choice of material is fundamental to the success of a water birth pool

Active Birth Pools are fabricated in Ficore® composite, a proprietary material of extra-ordinary properties that was developed to minimise problems associated with acrylic or fiberglass.

Ficore is a composite of 8 different elements chemically fused during manufacturing, then heat cured at high temperature to create a material that is light in weight but ‘heavy’ in performance.
Special Features

Chromatherapy plays a significant role in the creation of a better birthing environment

Chromatherapy is the usage of light and color to alter our mental and physical states. Scientific research reveals that color can greatly influence the condition of our emotions and health, as well as causing positive reactions in our minds and bodies.

Our easy-to-use LED light system features 12 color options including white, making it simple for mothers & midwives to control and personalise the atmosphere & ambiance of the room.

We helped pioneer
the use of water for
labour and birth by
designing the water
birth pools that
made this revolution
in maternity care

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